3 Things That Are Probably Making Your Winter Hair Drier
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So old man winter is here and just like years past, he is wreaking havoc on our hair! The combination of cold outside temperatures and blazing indoor heat leave us feeling helpless and shouting from the roof tops that “we got 99 problems and dryness is one!” It’s common to experience more dryness in the winter, but the reality is that sometimes, we contribute to it. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. First, it’s important to know what causes hair to become dry. From a bodily function perspective, hair becomes dry when your scalp doesn’t have enough sebum, which are the natural oils produced by your sebaceous glands to lubricate hair. Don’t get too caught up in this. Low sebum production is common for textured hair because it’s difficult for oils to travel down you hair’s kinky, coily strands.


Think of them as a slinky! If you put a drop of oil at the top of a slinky, it will be difficult and virtually impossible for the oil to travel down because of all twists and turns! If your hair were straight like a ruler, the opposite would happen. But outside of this, there are common winter habits that cause our hair to experience more dryness! Hats & Scarves: Hats and scarves are a must, but rocking these accessories can actually exacerbate our dryness because they’re typically made of material such as wool, fleece, linen and cotton. These fabrics readily absorb moisture, including the oils from your hair. So, the constant rubbing of these fabrics on your hair strands cause extra dryness.  Try protecting your hair with a satin or silk scarf before putting your hat on or simply create a routine where you moisturize your hair daily. There are also stylish hats made with satin lining, like Grace Eleyae Caps.   Not drinking enough H2O: The key to healthy hair, skin and nails is drinking plenty of water! If you are skipping this important step, your hair will become drier! When we don’t drink enough water, our bodies aren’t able to function properly and are unable to provide our scalp with the necessary nutrients/moisture for healthy and moisturized hair! Have trouble remembering to drink 8-10 glasses per day? Try these fun Pinterest-inspired jug challenges while at work!



Not Using an Ionic Blow Dryer: Ionic blow dryers are great for maintaining moisture because they dry the hair shaft from the outside, as opposed to traditional dryers that dry from within the hair shaft to the outer layer. Less drying time also reduces the amount of time heat is applied.
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Does this means that your current blow dryer gets the boot? Absolutely not. It simply means that you should try and reduce your usage, especially during the winter months. *Bonus tip: Wearing a protective style doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the effects of a cold winter! Moisturizing is still a must! If your protective style includes some form of braids, spray a moisturizing leave-in conditioner onto your hair daily! Dryness is a challenge, but hopefully this alleviates your concerns. Stay warm!