Alicia Keys' Hairstylist Shows You 3 Easy Ways to Update Your Afro

Chuck Amos is showing us a few ways to update any afro, in order to celebrate Pantene's “All Strong Hair is Beautiful Hair” campaign.
This article originally appeared on People Switching up your everyday hairstyle for summer doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. In fact, it’s as easy as adding a few new details. And Pantene’s celebrity stylist Chuck Amos, who styles the strands of stars like Alicia Keys, Tracee Ellis Ross and more, is showing us a few ways to update any afro, in order to celebrate the brand’s “All Strong Hair is Beautiful Hair” campaign, which aims to empower women to embrace their natural every day. Watch Amos create three easy looks in the How It’s Done video above. For the first look, the pro separates a section of hair and applies a drop of Pantene’s Butter Creme styling cream, before braiding small sections into tiny corn rows from the ear upwards. Then, Amos creats a mohawk-like style by adding another set of braids on the opposite side, running these sideways instead of up and down to add some extra fun. Then, in order to perfect the shape of the mohawk, he uses bobby pins to mold the hair exactly where he wants it. And he doesn’t stop there. Once the mohawk is done, Amos takes the look up one more notch, using hair ties to create three small buns from front to back. How do you style your afro? Sound off in the comments section below! TOPICS: