The Best Hair Colors For The Fall Season
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Each year, as the final days of summer roll away, I throw a mega tantrum in protest of the freezing weather that lies ahead. The cold and I are frenemies. I adore the fall—I love boots, leather jackets, but I despise the cold. No matter how much I bundle up, it seems as if I can feel the wind tapping on my bones saying, “Hey girl, you feel me?!”

Usually when the seasons change, I like to undergo a change. Whether it’s incorporating new lippies or eye shadows in my makeup routine or doing something different with my hair. Adding color is an easy way to transform your tresses. Just look at the beautifully hued autumn leaves for inspiration. I love to see the gold, orange, bronze and brown leaves falling from the trees. It’s truly a site only Mother nature could create.

Over the past couple of years, ombré hair color has been a top trend with women of all ethnic backgrounds. Bright “crayola box” colors have been extremely popular but for the fall and winter-go for warm golds and browns. They compliment darker skin tones well. Platinum is one trend that I don’t see stopping even with the season change.

Platinum or gray hair color has been making appearances in the heads of celebs and everyday folk alike. It’s even prompted many of those who have naturally gray hair to stop covering it. Let your grays free and try new colors this season.