The Bantu App Allows Women To Find Fabulous Natural Hair Stylists
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As women daily jump on the natural hair bandwagon we are seeing more products, blogs, and YouTube videos catering to the movement. What is moving slower is finding stylists who cater to natural hair and the reason many naturals are still doing their own hair. As technology continues to make all our needs convenient it only make sense the next step in natural hair would be an app. Natural hair apps are nothing new as there are several showcasing styles or even communities of black women sharing ideas, pictures and information. What we have been lacking in is a connection of hairstylists just for natural hair and that is now a thing of the past since the inception of the Bantu App

The Bantu App is a free app that helps you discover local hairstylists that can style kinky, coily, and curly hair. It’s sorted by price, proximity, or even hairstyle and it for all hairstylists from relaxed to natural and everything in between. You get to view pictures, bios of the hairstylists and even ratings so you find the perfect natural hair stylists with ease. Currently only available on iPhone an iPad but they are working on an Android app as we speak, this app is going to revolutionize how women of color find stylists for natural hair and bring natural hair even closer to more women throughout the world.