Summer is here, and what better time to look to celebrities for inspiration. Here, master of curls, Ricky Pennisi, who is also a stylist and founder of RI CI products give the scoop on how to snag the best looks for warmer weather. His top tips:

1. All curls, regardless of shape and texture, need moisture. Start with a leave in spray conditioner and over lay each section of hair with a gel or crème. Finish hair with a shine serum, working gently through the hair.

2. Never comb through the curls before styling—it separates the curl too much and creates frizz. Only comb curls when wet with conditioner in the hair. Combing before styling will lead to more frizz and less curls. Using conditioner before styling will help to rehydrate and loosen curls.

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3. Always use a heat protective styler. Dry hair is prone to heat damage so make sure you choose your hair dryer with IONTEC technology which restores shine and prevents frizz.