Ask The Experts: 5 Ways To Keep Locs Tight
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Freshening your locs can be harder than it appears—especially in the summer months. Here, natural hair guru Anu Prestonia dishes on the best way to keep them fresh and ready for summer fun.

1. Cleanse correctly. Since washing loosens dreads, shampoo every four to six weeks. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup.

2. Refresh roots. Maintain a clean scalp and a fresh smell with a dry shampoo in between water cleanses.

3. Pack in moisture. Locs tend to get dry and brittle. A hydrating conditioner or hair oil will keep them soft and prevent breakage.

4. Add sheen. Dreads naturally have a matte finish. For glossy and healthy-looking hair, use a shine spray.

5. Go softer and shorter. The weight of longer locs can thin the hair at the scalp. Cut the length and experiment with less structured styles.