25 Showstopping Hairstyles You Should Try This Summer 

Jennifer Ford Jul, 24, 2018

From awe-inspiring afros to bedazzled braids, Curl Fest 2018 amassed plenty of natural hair inspiration. 

Held at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, the 5th anniversary of the Festival proved the natural hair community’s biggest celebration and turned into an artful display of technicolored tresses and creative coifs.

We spotted everything from big ‘fros to protective braids and rounded up some of the must-see hairstyles. Scroll through to check out 25 styles to keep you inspired for your next ‘do.

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This ombre will be pretty hard to miss.

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This unique undercut will reign supreme.

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Let your inner soul glow, with this fabulous 'fro.

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Creative cornrows kept us all a smile.

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Tapered cuts always cause the most hair envy.

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This pretty pineapple is gorgeous.

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Let the curls go free, whatever your texture is.

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Afrochic headwraps are always a good idea.

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Jaws will drop with gravity-defying locs, such as these.

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A gorgeous headdress can truly make a statement like this beautiful kente cloth.

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Adorned your natural crowns with flowers for a perfect look.

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Don't be afraid to bring out your best and brightest 'fros.

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Of course, bomb Bantu knots were on the scene.

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Let your fro flourish in full bloom.

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TWAs make a huge statement.

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Dimensional hairstyles are out of this world, like these space bun braids.

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We can never get enough of texture, and this voluminous undercut was one of our favorites.

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Go all out with eccentric hairstyles like this one.

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Flower crowns made a triumphant return.

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Here is some serious undercut inspiration for ladies with long locs.

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Puffballs showed are a major trend, and we love this take on it.

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Breath-taking afro cleverly adorned in baby's breath.

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Big hair is always hard to miss, especially these head-turning curls. 

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Waist length braids make a statement per ususal.

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Popping pompadours always make us stop and stare.


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