Winter can be brutal to our hair and leave it dry, damaged and lifeless – if we let it. There are a few ways to protect your hair this season by wearing protective styles like braids, sew-ins or wigs, keeping the scalp moisturized and clean under protective styles, deep conditioning often, adding oils to your regimen to seal in moisture and wearing satin-lined hats and scarves to help combat dryness. There are even a few DIY concoctions you can implement in your routine by using common household items found in your kitchen like avocado, honey, oils, yogurt, and even rice. Rice has been used for centuries by Asian women apart of the Yao tribe who claim that’s the secret to their long shiny floor-length hair.  It turns out the hype is real and fermented rice water is packed with rich nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and vitamins E, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine which result in multiple benefits such as: -Stimulates hair growth -Repairs damaged dry hair -Reduces dandruff -Adds natural shine -Prevents split ends -Detangles hair -Prevents hair loss Not to mention, if you’re experiencing hair thinning or alopecia, rice water is a game changer. “Dr. Debbie I’ve been using your rice water technique for around 7 months and my hair has grown 5 inches. The growth is unbelievable! I’m a 4C thank you for your advice, it’s appreciated.” – Vina Poleon Studies showing conclusive proof of the impact of fermented rice water on hair are elusive. But anecdotal evidence from not only centuries of Asian women who have used the rinse, but also from countless naturalistas who swear by the technique point to major hair growth. If you’re ready to step up your healthy hair game to grow longer stronger hair, grab a pen, take notes and check out these rice water tutorials featuring three women sharing their top tips, techniques, and real results.    Debbie Williams, hair and scalp specialist, spills the tea on her easy step-by-step tutorial  and how she uses a rice water rinse for her clients who instantly noticed a difference with stronger hair and even helped with alopecia.   Natural hair vlogger, Cravy Curly Kinks, shares three unique methods she uses rice water in her hair regimen for healthier longer hair.  Maryam Hampton has been using rice for two years and shares her amazing results and techniques she uses for an overnight rice water leave-in treatment. TOPICS: