We all want salon-quality hair products, but we don’t want to pay the prestige price tag. Thankfully, with Monica Stevens’ new haircare line, we won’t have to. Monday, the hairstylist and hair influencer launched Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection, and it features professional-grade hair products to help curly girls achieve the best version of their hair without breaking the bank. However, developing affordable formulas wasn’t easy. “It was hard to do,” said Stevens.

 “I wanted what I know a salon product would have in it, and it was important for me to push the point. That was my benchmark while trying to keep the price point accessible for consumers,” Stevens told ESSENCE. “This was something that was missing in the texture hair space. So, I thought let me make that,” said Stevens who is a firm believer in creating the things you want to see in the world. Her longstanding relationship with Sally Beauty made that possible.

In the summer of 2015, the brand collaborated with Stevens on a series of hair tutorials, and shortly after, Stevens became the brand’s stylist for textured hair. And yesterday, the licensed cosmetologist launched her first haircare collection exclusively available at Sally Beauty. “It’s kind of been an evolutional relationship,” said Stevens. “I’ve shopped there since I was a kid. I always look forward to being able to get so many things for a deal and feel like I got what I needed. I feel taken care of.” And with her new collection, Stevens returns the favor with 8 new products for taking care of our curls.

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 “I want women to feel confident and comfortable that this was created by someone who looks like them and thinks like them, lives the life they’re living, and has the hair they have. I’m licensed, I’m not guessing. I want you to feel confident. It’s important to me that you can have the best version of your hair. That’s always the goal. That’s always the vocation,” said Stevens. 

Shop the Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection exclusively at Sally Beauty here.


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