Miss USA Shares Hair Care Tips For Protecting Your Crown
Photo: Instagram/CheslieKryst

You can’t be in the presence of a beauty queen without learning one or two of her beauty secrets. So when we sat down with Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, she tipped us off on the products she uses to keep her crown primp and polished.

Like most women with natural hair, the 28-year old incorporates a bevy of products into her haircare routine, but Kryst says protein treatments are key.

“Protein and conditioning treatments are so important,” Kryst tells ESSENCE. “At home, I use ApHogee. They have a two-minute protein reconstructor that I put on my hair, and I also do a castor oil treatment. Protein helps my curls for definition and castor oil helps them with shine and moisture. I have to use both because they do two separate things. And after, I have definition and shine.”

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In case you’re not familiar with protein treatments, they’re used to retain moisture and length. With frequent styling, you put all of the above at risk which is why beauty queens and women who like to switch up their hair rely heavily on the preventive treatment.

“What’s important is not what products you use after styling your hair, what’s important is what you use beforehand,” says Kryst.

To get your curls off to a good start, shop the top-rated protein treatments for your crown in the gallery below.


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