Michelle Obama's Hair Is Laid To Perfection For Her Final State Dinner

We can hardly keep our eyes off her glittery frock, but let's not overlook her flawless hair and makeup.

Nikki Brown Oct, 19, 2016

Michelle Obama’s list of accomplishments as our First Lady are second to none. She’s jumpstarted a slew of impactful initiatives, delivered groundbreaking speeches and so much more, all while raising two beautiful daughters.

Beyond those noteworthy feats, the ESSENCE cover star has also redefined first lady fashion. She’s brought high end designer realness to all of her State Dinner appearances, including the last, where she’s strutting her stuff in a chainmail Versace gown.


We can hardly keep our eyes off her glittery frock, but let’s not overlook her flawless hair and makeup. If the last eight years have taught us anything, it’s that FLOTUS and “bad hair day” have never been in the same sentence.

Getty Images

Her locks are laid to perfection, side swept and worthy of your obsession. And if her husband’s loving gaze is any indication, we’d say he agrees: 

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

With any luck, she’ll divulge what products are sitting on her nightstand before year’s end. Until then, we’ll freeze frame this epic beauty moment in our minds. Slay on, Mrs. Obama! 

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