This Meme of Rihanna and Her Ocean’s 8 Co-Star Touching Her Hair Is Us IRL
Josiah Kamau

Having someone touch our hair without permission is a crime many black women fall victim to. Needless to say, the offender is typically a misinformed white person who didn’t get the memo that it’s rude. Long story short: don’t touch it. And of course, this type of misconduct happens way too often–even in Hollywood.

Last week, a picture captured of Rihanna and Sarah Paulson while filming Ocean’s 8 went viral because the image accurately depicts what it’s like for a black woman who falls victim to the curiosity of a friend or stranger. 

The images show Rihanna, who we can assume is cooperating with her inquisitive co-star as she gropes her faux locs with her fingers. And while we don’t know what was said, Instagram memes have helped us put the image into a hilarious perspective. Sadly, we can relate:

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We applaud Rihanna for resisting the urge to well…clap back (zeroes in on nervous hand rub).