Mattel Introduces a New Line of Diverse Ken Dolls—Cornrows Included

This article was originally published on InStyle

A lot has changed in the nearly 60 years since the now iconic Barbie was introduced to toy collections nationwide. Despite the many upheavals in society and changes in political climate, one thing has remained a constant: boys and girls love their Barbies.

That being said, it’s essential that the beloved doll changes with the times, and that’s exactly what Mattel has done. As part of the brand’s #TheDollEvolves campaign, the Barbie family has grown to include dolls of different body types and ethnic backgrounds. Last year, Mattel rolled out Barbies that broke the blonde, blue-eyed mold by introducing curvy dolls, petite dolls, dolls with diverse hair colors and styles, and dolls with a variety of skin tones.

Now, it’s Ken’s turn to jump aboard the diversity bandwagon. Today, Barbie announced the expansion of its collection to include 15 new Ken Dolls, featuring three different body types, seven skin tones, eight different hair colors, and a range of hairstyles that includes cornrows and the oft-debated “man bun.”

Scroll down below to preview Mattel’s latest additions, as well as a selection of its diverse Barbie dolls.

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