6 Tutorials To Master If You Have Low Porosity Hair

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Who knew there were so many ways to do a twist out?! 

Jennifer Ford Jul, 21, 2017

If you have low porosity hair, a term often used described strands that frequently repel moisture, your kinks and coils will require more TLC: temperature, liquids and conditioning to avoid excess dryness. 

Because of tightly sealed cuticles, nourishing proteins found in hair products aren’t easily absorbed. In turn, they sit on top of hair, causing a greasy build up that weighs down curls instead of inspiring them to pop.

When you have this hair type, sometimes heat is key for stimulating life. It helps to loosen up tight hair cuticles and aids in product penetration. If you’re not sure what hairstyles work best with low porosity hair, start by testing out these easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials with some of the best products for your curl pattern

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Two Strand Twist Out

Fully dried hair is key before taking down your twist out. 

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Perm Rod Set 

You'll only need one product to create these popping curls. Don't believe us? Just watch!

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Roller Set 

If you hate sleeping with rollers, but want glorious curls, then try this roller set.

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Horse Shoe Method

Wrap your strands around flexirods and bend it half like a horse shoe. Grab a good book, set under the dryer for two hours and presto!

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Bouncy Braid Out

If you want to add definition to your look, but also lock in shine, try out this easy how-to. 

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Small Straw Set

A little alcohol-free gel goes a long way here! 

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