Lorette Devine Owns 100 Wigs, Says She Still Loves Her Natural Hair
Paul Redmond/ Getty Images

Loretta Devine recently sat on Wendy William’s couch to discuss not only her show on NBC but also her wig arsenal. Wendy made note of the veteran actress’ looks, “I recognize you today! A lot of the times I don’t recognize you in the pictures because of the magic hair – we change our hair a lot!” Wendy Williams is a wig connoisseur herself but Ms. Devine was more than ready to chime in.

“I have about 100 wigs so I can look however I want, whenever I want!” she tells Wendy proudly. Despite her love of wigs, she wanted all to know that she still has lots of love for natural hair.

She explains further, “I can [also] wear my own hair. It’s brave to wear your own hair because people look at you like, ‘what the hell’?’ But ain’t nothing wrong with my nappy hair! I figure that way you’re not wondering what’s under the wig. This is it. It ain’t that strange.” If you’ve checked out her Instagram recently, you’ll notice several pictures of her rocking a TWA and one pic in particular she captions, “Good hair day.”

Good hair day

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Super cute!