Amara La Negra Wants Everyone To Know She Will Not Be Defined By Her Hair
Greg Doherty/Getty Images
Dominican-American singer, Amara La Negra, is known for being vocal about the widespread colorism many Black and Latina women face in the music industry. By using her own experiences with discrimination, the Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star is determined to let the world know that beauty comes in all shades. In an impassioned post shared on Instagram, La Negra let the world know that her hair does not define her beauty. “This is the real me. Take it or leave it. I am who I am and I stand behind my message of staying true to who you are and whatever makes you happy,” she posted underneath a video of her mother braiding her hair. In the super sweet video, viewers can see the intimate inter-generational braiding experience that takes place between mother and daughter. “My hair is just a part of me. I am strong and beautiful on the inside and out,” she said. We couldn’t agree with Amara more, the texture of our hair and the color of our skin does not define us. 

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