The Kingdom Choir Hair and Style
Steve Parsons – PA Images/Getty Images

If you were watching the Royal Wedding along with the rest of us You are sure to remember The Kingdom Choir’s gospel renditions of “Stand By Me” and “This Little Light of Mine.” They sand with pride and a heartfelt soulfulness that will resonate with us all for years to come.

But what also stood out, other than their heavenly voices, was the impeccable style and flawless hair they were serving.

The choice of muted pinks, powder blues, lilacs with touches of nude were so elegant, tasteful and incredibly impactful. Stylist Jeanette Young, had great vision when executing these looks as she managed to make the choir incredibly stylish, yet understated. The group ditched the ‘church mother’ getups and traditional robes for boa feathered jackets and shimmery silky jumpsuits. We can imagine this look in choirs all over the world because it still looks uniform yet handsomely chic and individual.

It has long been said that black women are sticklers about hair and this held true for the Kingdom Choir. Every woman in the choir was a vision. Everyone’s hair was set to ultimate perfection without a strand out of place and it was an enchanting culmination of simple glam done right.

Courtesy of ITV News

Karen Gibson, the choir conductor lead the bevy of beauties. Her silver hair was set atop her head in a few swirly buns supported by thinly braided cornrows.

A textured side ponytail, closely cropped afro, a twist out, and lots of twisty textured locks in neatly placed updo rounded out the hair game.

Amen, Kingdom Choir, amen! You did us proud.