Killer Cornrows: Braided Styles To Rock This Summer

Whether you're about to take a vacation to a far away land or you want to sport a fly and easy protective style to give your hair a rest in the summer heat, cornrows are always a hit and never a miss. Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and more have rocked cornrows throughout the years, but some of the best styles come from everyday women keeping it fly and fresh with their takes on the classic plaits. Here's just a few of those amazing looks! 

Ezinne Mgbeahuruike Jun, 13, 2016

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If you need a quick and simple braiding fix, straight back cornrows are always a win!

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For a more full look, when it comes to straight back cornrows, the addition of some hair from root to tip will give the braids a more robust and full look.

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Yes, even with cornrows, edges shall be laid and baby hairs shall flourish.

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Besides being an amazing look for your hair, cornrows also allow you to put your beauty on blast and expose your face to the fullest.

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Cornrows are becoming all the rage on the fashion scene, and with good reason. If you want your focus on the face and on the outfit, it's the perfect look to keep your hair secondary to the main attraction.

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If you want to spice your cornrows up a bit, different designs can be done making your braids distinct. Don't believe us? Just look at Queen Bey's cornrows from Lemonade.

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For a special occasion or for a day when you're feeling extra fly, add some beads or small metal cuffs to your cornrows which will keep your braids looking like a brand new hairstyle.

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In a bob, to the shoulders or down to the waist, cornrows can be as short or as long as you'd like depending on your mood and personal style. 

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Cornrows are for grown women living busy lives and baby girls who are living their best lives being young, active and free!

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Long, thick and bigger cornrows are sometimes better if you need a quick 'do or if you need it for a quick trip. Easy installation and easy removal are major keys and wins for this style.

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What is the perfect thing to couple with your hottest bathing suits? Cornrows of course!


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