Kelis Shows Us How She Cut Her Own Hair Into This Cute Bob

Kelis has always been a hair chameleon.

So when she impromptly cut her hair and shared the process on Instagram, we were all over it.

Talking directly to her hairstylist Maisha Oliver, Kelis complained that she wasn’t happy with how her hair was looking and decided to give it a blunt cut.

“I was flatironing… the ends were just looking like…stop,” she said blaming her love for dying her hair.

“I love a different look, I love aswtiching it up,” she said. “It takes a toll I have to say.”

She showed us the two inches she cut off. And we have to say, she looks amazing!

She agrees: “This is really cute.”

Lol I need to cut more but ooh the fun has begun ! @maishaoliver

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Do you think you could replicate Kelis’ cut?