Keke Palmer Wants You To Get Into Her New Hairdo
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Black women are notorious for switching up their hairstyles. Last summer, Annagjid “Kee” Taylor’s viral DMX Challenge proved it.

We saw Black women transform their crowns into beautiful bobs, braids, afros, and more—reminding the internet just how magical and versatile our tresses can be.

And today, actress Keke Palmer reminded the world once more in hilarious Instagram post.

The 26-year-old actress and hair chameleon who has rocked everything from weaves to faux-locs to pixie cuts, flaunted a brand new ‘do. In the clip, Palmer showed off her natural heat-free-curls, and the millennial diva wants you to “get into” the “organic lay and slay.”

Photo: Instagram/@keke

“She’s a doll that comes in every style OKAY!?? Get intoooooo it,” she captioned the post.

In another post, Palmer recalls being teased about the texture of her hair, but she says that she stopped letting others project their negative feelings towards natural hair on her.

“I remember when I was a little girl in school, and some of the kids would say ‘why is your hair so crunchy and hard’. I would come home crying to my momma, and she would tell me that I had beautiful hair, yet people teased me so it was hard to believe,” said Palmer.

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“Then, later on, I’d be on the sets where none of the hairdressers knew how to do my hair. I would either come with braids already done or have to spend time in the room with the few minutes I had left to fix whatever they had done before going to film. As a little girl, that was a source of anxiety for me,” she said.

“But as I got older, the more I stopped letting others project their ignorance and confusion about my hair on to me. Just because someone else doesn’t understand it, doesn’t mean you have to own it. I am who I am, and it just is what it is.”

“We reserve the right to rock our locks anyway we choose. Whether it’s braids, wigs, cornrows, it’s our prerogative,” said Palmer.


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