Keke Palmer Shares the Beauty of Rocking Your Hair for You
Michael Rowe

Keke Palmer is no stranger to internet trolls.

The beautifully expressive singer and Scream Queens actress has been attacked by twitter trolls for a #nomakeup selfie or (just a few days ago) was attacked for her new half-shaved head and Locs look. She’s clapped back and kept it moving as the 22-year-old beauty knows her own worth despite what haters may feel.

Yesterday however, she took to the ‘Gram to express the need for others to know their worth and feel proud of themselves and their choices.

Keke Palmer Reveals Why She Shaved Her Head in ‘Hair Stories’ Series

With a pic of her sporting her shaved sides and locs and being out and about doing her thang she captions, “No matter what you wear or how you dress your hair, you are always you. You are allowed to express all the many facets of who you are. It isn’t a fault to be more than one thing, but is it to hide who you are to make others feel at ease?– thank you @krisanasotelo for helping me express my voice even further through my sense of fashion, you rock!!”
We need voices like Keke’s to remind little girls (and women too!) the importance in being themselves despite the hate. We love the message, her new look and her amazingly strong outlook on self-expression and beauty. 
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