Black Twitter Fans Are Apparently Not Here For J.Lo’s Baby Hair
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez typically garners a lot of praise and admiration when she posts photos on social media. And for decades she’s served as hair inspiration for beauties rocking similar texture tresses, her edges consistently laid to perfection.

But that wasn’t the case on Thursday night according to fans on Twitter, where the pop singer posted a photo with the caption: Baby hairs and moñitos [little buns]. Social media followers immediately stepped in to inform her that there was in fact, nothing baby about those hairs. And the comments were pure comedy gold.

Comedian Jackée Harry responded, “those baby hairs grew into adolescents,” while beauty influencer Jackie Aina simply posted a Janet Jackson Instagram Live clip that said it all.

Follower @AdaoraNjoku wrote “Those are senior citizen hairs mama…earning pension and everything.”

Spiritual Baldie added, “Baby hairs got a baby already.” And Black Culture Entertainment called them “bangs with gel.”

But exaggerated baby hair was a huge hair trend for 2019 and continued onto the runways and red carpets for 2020. Quarantine could be the reason why we haven’t seen more women twirling about town with this same do. The comments are all in fun, but who knows, J.Lo might actually be on to something.

In the meantime, the innanet has decided that it isn’t one of the diva’s best hair moments. We’re sure she is somewhere unbothered about it, still living her best rich and fabulous life (hopefully also getting a laugh out of those comments).

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