The Black community is well aware that Janet Jackson didn’t invent box braids. But when she stepped onto the big screen in 1993 as Justice in the now cult classic film Poetic Justice, she started a trend that has reemerged as a go-to in the past few years. Monday night, the queen of the throwback braids took us back to that feeling we had in the nineties on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

With a baby face and cornrows flowing into a high ponytail of braids, the 53-year-old singer looked stunning, and not a day over 25. We recently saw Ms. Jackson (‘cause we’re nasty) looking gorgeous in some beautiful faux locs just before the Grammys. But this look was so reminiscent of Justice that it gave us that feeling if wanting to mimic her all over again.

Jackson’s makeup artist Preston Meneses, most widely known as PrestonThe Makeup Painter, posted a photo on his Instagram with the simple caption “Black Diamond,” which is the title of her upcoming album and tour. This will be her first studio album since 2015. She has also been announced as a headliner for Essence Festival of Culture this July, alongside Bruno Mars.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Janet, and we’re excited to see what other lewks she’ll be serving, because she always serves.

Now excuse me while I go get my hair braided and work on a new poem.

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