Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Has A Foolproof Technique For Trimming Your Hair At Home
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If you see split ends, then it’s time for a trim. And unfortunately, due to social distancing, you may have to do it yourself. 

The idea of you bringing scissors anywhere close to your hair may sound scary, but trust us, there’s no need for alarm.

Michelle Obama’s hairstylist  Yene Damtew has pro tips that will make the process seamless, but you’ll need to grab a pair of professional shears before you begin.

“Using the wrong tool to trim your hair may worsen what you started with,” said Damtew. Craft scissors won’t do. 

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The Method

There are countless ways to trim your hair: wet, straight and even curly. However, Damtew suggests using the dry, twist, trim technique. 

“I prefer the method of stretching the hair while it’s dry, twisting it tightly in an elongated state and then trimming the little small hairs that stick out, ” said Damtew. “This technique is great for natural hair.” 

If you’re a visual learner, check out the tutorial below and follow along. 


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