Here’s How To Wash Your Box Braids Without Them Getting Fuzzy
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When it comes to protective styles, nothing offers versatility and ease like box braids. What’s also amazing about this style is that you can keep these braids for four to eight weeks without having to touch or even think about your hair.

One of the few downsides, however, is the itchy scalp. You know the unrelenting itch that sets in after the first few weeks. While the kneejerk reaction may be to take down the braids, an easy solution to combat the itch is washing them. While washing box braids can be tricky, you don’t want them to get prematurely fuzzy, doing so can be a game changer. 

To help you do so properly, we’ve rounded the best tutorials on YouTube. Keep scrolling to find out the best way to wash your box braids. 

1. Jasmine Brown

2. Natalie Tewa

3. Simply Subrena

4. Kopano The Blog

5. Jeanita Blue

6. Zolee Griggs

7. Alexus Crown

8. Lakia Mill

9. JourneyTo WaistLength


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