How To Get Alicia Keys’s Rope Twists From “So Done” Music Video
Photo: Getty

You might be fatigued from watching how-to hair tutorials. And we don’t blame you if you’re tired of explanations on how to DIY. Quarantine kind of does that to you.

Yet Alicia Keys’s chunky rope twists is one ‘do you’ll want to try. And celebrity hairstylist, Larry Sims who created the look for the Grammy award-winning singer’s new “So Done” music video featuring Khalid, told us how to get the cool protective style in a few easy steps.

After seeing Keys effortlessly pull the look off, we know you were wondering how to get it–and us too. Luckily, Sims was kind enough to walk us through the process below.

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Step 1: To begin, “part hair diagonally at the nape of the neck and split the hair evenly down the middle horizontally,” said Sims .

Step 2: “Make triangle shapes throughout the head, smooth sections of hair into small ponytails using the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Defining Curl Hair Creme.

Step 3: Repeat on your entire head with making diagonal partings that will result in triangle sections for your mini ponytails.

 Step 4: Start with the next section which is on the temple and goes through to the next line from the section at the back of the head.

Step 5: Next, grab a medium- sized section of your pre-stretched braiding hair & slide a small hair pin in the middle to split into two bundles of strands.

Step 6: Split the difference of your natural hair evenly and double strand twist your hair clockwise.”

Step 7: After your whole head is twisted , dip the ends with freshly boiled water to soften and seal. Last Step: Finish off the look by spraying Elnet Super Hold Hairspray on your twists for extra security and flawless finish.”