There’s not much convincing needed when it comes to Oribe products; they’re like pure gold to our hair! This week, we’re excited to see the brand’s newest how-to’s, starring two of our favorite influencers: blogger Jade Kendle, also known LipstickNCurls, and full figured model, Paloma Elsesser. Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis (who has major hair skills) gives them two cool looks that we are dying to try. And with one for curly locks and the other for straight, all bases are covered. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. If you want to embrace your curls and aren’t afraid to try intricate styles, this first updo is for you. We absolutely love the details in this fauxhawk. It may take some time and attention to detail, but the results are really cool and you can rock it for more than one day!   How to get the look:  1. Start by making five sections of hair on each side of the head. 2. Apply Star Glow ($42, to each section and secure at roots with mini elastics. 3. Then begin to split each section and connect through the one above, pulling toward top of head. 4. Continue to apply Star Glow ($42, to smooth sections of hair while continuing to work upward. 5. With hair pushed at top, take sections of hair and twist toward the front. 6. Secure each section of hair using a pin, and cover up any spaces to complete the finished look. If you have straight hair, this sleek, pulled back chignon that takes less than 5 minutes to create. It’s perfect for days when you want big style, but have little time. How to get the look:  1. Start by spraying Impérmeable Anti-Humidity Spray ($39, to keep flyways at bay. 2. Pull hair back into a low ponytail. 3. Using a hair elastic with a bobby pin attached to it, place thumb at base of ponytail and wrap the elastic around it, feeding the bobby pin back through on the other side. 4. Pull tight and continue to wrap around, eventually securing ponytail with a pin. 5. Now begin prepping hair for chignon by splitting into medium-sized pieces. 6. Using a curling iron, curl each section in the same direction to set. 7. While curled hair is cooling, touch up top of pony with Star Glow to smooth out the edges. 8. Brush out the ponytail then gather and twist upward, and using a cut hair elastic, tie 3/4 of it at base of ponytail. 9. With leftover hair, wrap around the base and secure using a pin. 10.Use Oribe’s Superfine hairspray ($33, to set and finish the look.