Apart from being a low maintenance hairstyle, in African culture, braids are a manifestation of centuries-old traditions.

In Ethiopia, women don the coif for weddings and weave them into their hair to symbolize community. In Columbia, the ancestral hairdo, with its intricate patterns, doubled as maps for slaves’ escape routes. Travel north to America, and you’ll find that braids are worn for a variety of reasons, including a way to style your hair for festival season.

On this week’s episode of Primp, holistic braider, Tamara Albertini introduces us to four eccentric and tribal centric ways to wear the conventional hairdo. From bejeweled stitch braids to Fulani poofs, these hairstyles are perfect for Essence Festival and year-round too.

Not sure how to style your strands next? Check out the video below, for inspiration and be sure to grab your tickets for the biggest black beauty celebration of the year.

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