6 Signs That You May Have High Porosity Hair

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Before your next trip to the beauty supply store, get a better idea of how your hair retains moisture. 

Samantha Callender Jul, 18, 2017

When it comes to a healthy hair regimen, many women tend to focus on finding the best products and styles for their curl pattern. And although it’s great to know the tricks and tips that allow your curl type to flourish, there is also another vital sign you need to pay attention to: porosity, or the hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture.

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Porosity falls into three different categories: low, normal, and high. There are a plethora of tests you can try to figure out where you fall on the spectrum, but if you’re on the higher end (i.e. have large hair follicles with gaps that can’t hold moisture for long), you’ve probably fallen victim to at least one of these symptoms: 

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Do your curls lack the the ability to bounce and be stretch? This is especially common with hair that's been colored of relaxed.To restore elasticity, try scaling back on the chemicals and use conditioners and products rich in protein to fortify and strengthen cuticles.

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If the only way your hair is manageable enough to style is when it’s wet or damp, that indicates your hair is lacking in the elasticity department. Using oil treatments and hair masks may be able to deliver intensive moisture to strands, making it easier to style while dry. 

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If you have to apply large amounts of conditioner and oil daily (or even a few times a day) in order to restore shine or elasticity, your hair is high porosity. Waste no time consulting with your hairsylist or trichologist for a professional analysis. 

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If your hair tangles like crazy right after a wash/conditioning, chances are your curls lack moisture. Hair tangles because hair that is damaged typically mats together, causing excessive knots in the hair. To resolve, try detangling with a wide tooth comb, and before brushing, for added moisture. 

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Whether you suffer from split ends or always have hair coming off onto your ponytail holder, that may indicate its need for moisture. Regular conditioning and the occasional deep treatment are a small change you can make to combat this type of recurring issue. 

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If you're constantly using oil sheen to achieve a glossy/shiny look, it means that your strands have a hard time holding on to oil. All natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil permeate cuticles and seal in moisture best. 


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