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The Hair Secret Beyonce and Your Grandma Have in Common

Beyoncé's secret hair must-have isn't half as expensive as you might think!
The Hair Secret Beyonce and Your Grandma Have in Common
Robin Harper

Beyoncé has a stylist, an impeccable track record for quick hair changes that rivals both Nicki Minaj and Cher, and she even has an entire closet dedicated to her hair, but when it comes to keeping her hair “laid” she relies on something a little more old school: a heat cap. 

With new hair gadgets emerging on the market daily, it’s possible that you’ve never seen a hair cap, but there’s a 100% that you mother or grandmother have used one in the past to open the hair shaft and facilitate deep conditioning treatments. The ‘Formation’ singer is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to life goals and undoubtedly, she can afford any beauty tool or regimen of her choosing, so her use of an old school heat cap is somewhat comforting and a nod to the notion that in some respects, celebs are just like us. We’re still trying to discover how Beyoncé manages to slay a photo wearing a heat cap; guess Queen Bey keeps some secrets in the hive.