The Genius Travel Accessory That Will Keep Your Hair In Check
Natasha Tendai

If you’re flying the friendly skies or hitting the road this holiday season, deciding how to keep your hair in check is incredibly important. Depending on your regimen and lifestyle, manuevering the elements of a new city or country can be taxing on tresses.

Maybe it’s the temperature drop/increase or change in routine. It could simply be the fact that you’re constantly on the go. No matter the culprit, a clutch accessory is what will keep you from wanting to pull your hair out in the midst of an adventure abroad.

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Satin Lined Cap ($30)

Satin Lined Hat ($45)

Satin Scrunchie ($8)

One thing we wish all hotels and hostels would keep in stock is a fleet of satin pillowcases. Anyone with textured locks knows the power of this fabric, which feels like luxury and doesn’t pull on strands like cotton or other abrasive materials.

Our prayers were answered when the black-owned brand Grace Eleyae created an entire line of hair accessories made with satin lining. Each beanie, baseball cap and even scrunchie is not only travel-friendly, but comfortable enough to sleep in. So, when you’ve got a long flight or bus ride, you can slap this on instead of an unflattering scarf before napping.

And the best part is that they’re actually stylish, making it easy to pair with your on-the-go fashion. If you or a close friend can’t stay put this time of year, this is the only budget-friendly gift you need. Shop our top picks below and thank us later. 


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