Every weekend as I’m scrolling through my feed and Insta-stalking the celebrities and influencers that I fangirl for, I come across something interesting and inspiring in the beauty space. From jaw-dropping transformations to drool-inducing hair, there’s always something that I can’t stop staring at or watching, and it instantly garners a double-tap.

When it comes to makeup and hair styling I can be a bit on the lazy side. So over the years I’ve welcomed any products that make my life easier and improve my habits when it comes to those beauty elements. Enter the Hair Works 4-in-1 Style Caddy, which I just discovered this past weekend.

The caddy allows you to wash, cut, color, and style hair on the weft in the tub or sink with ease. Press the suction cups against the wall of the basin, then attach the weft, and clip the hair in place, and you’re ready to go.

It makes washing hair an easy process when you remove your sew-in. Since quality hair can be reused, you need to wash it and store it properly. The Hair Works caddy helps you do both.

It also makes it easy to color hair before an install. I’m looking forward to snagging one so that I can moisturize and tease my clip-in curls before I attach them. And then I can use it to hang them in my closet rather than throw them in a bag that lives on the closet floor.

My partner might be a little frightened to find hair hanging next to his button-up shirts, but it’ll be no less jarring than finding it clipped to the shower wall.

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