Kim Kimble Launches New Tools For At-Home Styling
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

With more than 40 states seeing an increase in coronavirus cases in the last few weeks, stay at home orders are back in effect throughout the country. That means that all of the women who recently got a small taste of the salon chair will need to readjust and go back to DIY hairstyling.

It’s the ideal time for celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble to introduce some new tools for those styling needs. When you’ve blessed the tresses of Beyoncé, Zendaya, Kelly Rowland, Oprah Winfrey and countless other A-list celebrities, you get used to people constantly asking you for hair care and styling advice. With more than 30 years in the industry, she knows and understands the needs of all hair types.

And this new line of tools she just launched is further proof of that.

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“People think that one product would solve everybody’s problems. I don’t agree with that,” she told ESSENCE. “Just in the African American community alone, we have so many different textures. Everybody has different hair and you’ve got to find what works best for your hair type.”

Kimble has put all of her hair expertise into this signature collection of smart and efficient tools for caring and styling our hair at home. It’s like she downloaded her brain into each gadget, offering a little something for every hair type. Now we can all get our best Queen Bey blowout, press, waves or curls—or at least we can try.

The line includes everything from a Hybrid Quick Dryer that allows you to tailor your blow-dry to your hair type, an Airwave 3-in-1 styler (think flatiron meets curling iron meets blow dryer) with a unique air cooling feature that lets you get the barrel right up against the scalp without burning yourself, and a Vapor Infusion Iron that uses argan oil vapor to help smooth out frizz.

Kimble took her time developing each tool, admitting that some took years to complete and revamp. Between styling in her salon and being on set, she literally has her hands in hair all day. And with clients sharing their ideas of what the perfect tools would do, her goal was to provide cutting-edge devices that are effective and easy to use for the everyday woman.

“I think that it’s important to really understand how hair operates when you’re developing product and what it means, and what works, and knowing when something doesn’t work,” Kimble explains. “I’m actually in there working with the chemists, giving them ideas of what I want the hair to do and how I want the product to work. I’m experimenting with product on a regular basis.”

And as someone who loves to work out ideas on her own hair, she understands what it’s like to be in the chair herself, figuratively at least.

“I’m the biggest guinea pig because I have the hair. And I see hair like clothes. I switch it up—I have braids, I have weaves, I have wigs, I have my own natural hair,” she says. “Doing your hair at home, you want to have that quality because that’s what is going to get you the results. Or you can get pretty close with the right tools, in times like this, to survive. I always like create what the customer needs.”

The new Kim Kimble Signature Collection of tools pair perfectly with her signature collection of wet products and are available now at


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