6 Soothing Tools For An Itchy Sew-In Weave

Sometimes, a scalp spray just won't cut it. 

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By Bukky Ojeifo · August 16, 2017

Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” had us all dancing and “patting our weaves” in 2006, but anyone who’s ever worn a weave knows that the “dance move” isn’t as fun as it seems. In short: attempting to sooth an itchy scalp without disturbing your cornrows is a constant struggle.


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If you’ve tried it all (scalp sprays, rinses, anti-itch cream) and still feel the urge to claw at your scalp, try one of these soothing tools instead. 

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This three-prong, curved tool is designed to safely soothe itching generally associated with weaves and extensions.  Its curved designed helps to get in between the braids and alleviate itch. For an added bonus, the tool can also be used on wash day when you want to free the scalp of dandruff and product buildup.

$10 available at Luxe Therapy

This tool is great for weaves foundations where the cornrows are braided close  together. It can also be repurposed as a hair pick when you want to add volume to your extensions or natural locks.

$4 available at Upgrade You

Generally used for massaging the scalp during a shampoo, this brush can be the answers to your prayers when it comes to dealing with an itch scalp. Simply press the on button and feel the relaxing bristles on the brush lift dandruff /product build-up from underneath your extensions. 

$20 available at Target

Find solace in the Weave Scratcher which is firm, lightweight, compact and has small round balls on the tip that keep it from being too rough on the scalp. To keep your braids moisturized, pour a lightweight oil on the comb and exfoliate the roots. Doing so will not only moisturize your braids, but will also help the comb easily slide in and out of your cornrows when scratching.

$6 available at Amazon

Not one for digging tools into scalp, but tired of patting your hair? Explore the Scalp Bliss DipStix, which is made up of an exclusive organic complex that contains serum cups and foams swabs that instantly sooth itching when applied. The serum ingredients include peppermint oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, lavender and manuka honey, all of which alleviate itchiness.

$13 available at Canviiy

The tail end of this tried and true styling tool is able to maneuver in between your cornrows and target the smallest itches. Be sure to steer clear of rat tail combs with the metal tails, as they can cause scratches and irritation.

$2 available at Target