Which Type of Hair Diffuser Is Right For You?


A diffuser may be one of the most underrated styling tools for natural beauties.

Bukky Ojeifo Jul, 20, 2017

Designed to gently distribute heat or air to the hair, when used correctly, a diffuser will also reduce frizz and increase curl definition. A lot of people steer clear of this styling tool simply because they don’t know how to use it or believe that it only work for certain textures. 

Not true! However, the “one size fits all” rule doesn’t apply when it comes to purchasing one. If you have no idea where to start, get familiar with all of the different diffuser types on the market today. 

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The most popular design of diffusers, these are ideal for medium to long lengths, and disperse air evenly to reduce frizz and create curl definition.  

available at Bed Bath & Beyond $10 Buy Here

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If you aren't necessarily looking for more body, but want to combat shrinkage and frizz, consider using the Devafuser Dryer Diffuser! The ergonomic design and ceramic material enhances your natural curls while maintaining shine! And if you're looking to lengthen curls, concentrate the diffuser at your roots as you gently stretch out the ends.

available at Sephora $50 Buy Here

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These diffusers are larger in width and designed to accommodate curly girls with long and voluminous hair! 

available at Xtava $17 Buy Here

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With the ability to stretch out to the size of a full diffuser AND condense into a flat round surface, the collapsable diffuser is great for ladies who want to keep their settings on low heat and just add an extra "umph" to their curls!

available at Sally Beauty $13 Buy Here

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Have a fragile curl pattern and need something soft and compact? The sock diffuser is just the ticket, but can still prevent frizz and will easily fit into your carry-on! Although it wont give you maximum volume, it can help with adding a bit of body to your curls!

available at Sally Beauty $5 Buy Here

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Small compact diffusers are great for curly girls who don't want to fuss too much with a large bulky diffuser, but still want the feel and design of a prong diffuser. Small but powerful, this diffuser is known for handling thick, medium-length curls!

available at Amazon $27 Buy Here