15 Curly Hair Products Guaranteed To Upgrade Your Next Twist-Out

Andriy Onufriyenko

If your curls tend to snap and crackle more than they pop, these formulas will save them from irreversible damage.

Jennifer Ford May, 08, 2017

Sure, there’s always a host of curl-enhancing products to choose from, but not all are created equal.

Those made with harmful ingredients (sulfates, parabens, alcohol) are actually causing curl sabotage by stripping the strands of moisture and destroying all hope of the perfect twist out.

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As we continue to navigate the start of another spring season, reclaim shine, bounce and volume with these curly girl approved products.  

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Finally achieve your twist out goals with this curling custard that promises to leave your strands  flexible, soft and long-lasting.

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Eliminate frizz and maintain the moisture of your curls with this humidity-resistant formula.

available at Target $9 Buy Here

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This cleanser softly binds and defines curls. It contains a blend of kaolin clay, argan oil and coconut oil that cleanse without stripping the hair of moisture and encourages curl definition.

available at Target $7 Buy Here

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This innovative styling lotion is made with fabric care technology that functions as a softener to help you get fluffy curls.

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This hair milk is made with silkening proteins that create soft-to-the-touch curls, while coconut and neem oil protect from breakage and add shine.

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This gel moisturizes and holds curls together without creating build up and frizz. 

available at Target $8 Buy Here

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Get smooth, shiny and long lasting curls with this jelly-infused organic formula, made with gentle ingredients like blueberry extract. 

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Reinvigorate second and third day curls with this firm hold gel.

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This sulfate-free shampoo is formulated to cleanse, hydrate, and detangle thick, curly hair. 

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Free up some space on your hair shelf with this all-in-one custard that deifines, polishes, holds and elongates curls.

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Take your curls to new lengths with this anti-shrinkage curling creme that defines and adds volume to your strands without the use of harsh ingredients.

available at Target $10 Buy Here

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Get bouncy, defined and crunch-free curls with this moisturizing curly jelly.

available at Target $22 Buy Here

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Enriched with a host of moisturizing oils, this curl creme delivers soft and shiny curls.

available at Target $5 Buy Here

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This formula is perfect for wash and go styling. It reduces shrinkage and instantly delivers frizz-free curls.

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Bring your curls back to life with this shea butter-infused formula. 

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