Are You Keeping Your Hair Products Too Long?
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It’s easy to get caught up in feeding our “inner product junkie” and accumulate tons of products, yet we forget to monitor how long we actually keep them.

You may ask, “How long is too long to keep hair products?” and the answer varies. Typically, products tend to have a shelf life of 3 years. Don’t go over that! Preservatives within these products help to increase the shelf life. Preservatives help to keep it fresh and prevent products from expiring prematurely.

Though most commercial products have a long shelf life, it is equally important to take the necessary steps to protect the quality of your products like storing it in a cool dry place, avoid dipping fingers into jars to prevent bacteria, and making sure the lids and/or caps are closed tightly to prevent exposure to air and germs.

The 100% all natural or organic products will expire sooner than commercial products as they lack the synthetic preservatives to increase shelf life. It’s best to use these products within 3-4 months after initial use.

It’s best to regularly assess your products to see if there is any irregular odor, change in texture or consistency. If you notice any abnormal changes, it’s time to throw it away. If you are still unsure, discard any hair product within 1-2 years of initial use to be on the safe side!