7 Must-Have Weave Care Products From NaturallyCurly
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I love a good sew-in weave. I didn’t actually get my first one until I was 31, but since then I do it about twice a year when I’m really feeling like changing up my hairstyle. They give me flexibility to go short, platinum, coily, straight, or long without needing to manipulate my own natural tresses.

But I’ve learned over the years that even weave hair needs to be taken care of. Curly hair will knot if the proper products aren’t used on it. Straight hair will break off if you’re ironing it with no protection. And curls and coils of all kinds will look dull and dry if you don’t give them proper moisture. All of this is true even if it’s a sew-in.

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Simply put, weave hair should be treated like hair that grew out of your scalp. And the hair underneath the protective style especially needs to be treated well. So the products you’re putting in your weave need to be just as nourishing for your own strands.

NaturallyCurly is a destination for all things products and tips for curly girls, so I find myself browsing their pages often. Check out some must-haves from the site for caring for your weave and the hair underneath it.


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