31 Colorful Black Girl-Approved Hairstyles Giving Us Spring Fever
Jamie Farrant

It’s the first day of spring and although some of us are still navigating snowy weather, there’s just something about this season that awakens our adventurous side.

With longer days and warmer nights comes the opportunity to switch your style up in the hair department. Hair color is the logical choice for many because contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the type of change that requires much sacrifice.

[brightcove:5327124051001 default]

If you’re scared of damage, incorporate colorful strands into your protective style. Wig out (literally) when you’re low on time. And remember: temporary color spray isn’t just for Halloween night. As always, we’re getting inspired and admittedly distracted by a wave of beautiful Black women flaunting their technicolor strands on the ‘Gram.

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Take in the melanin magic below.