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[BLANK_AUDIO] You're just an icon. Are there any artists that are out right now where you see a little bit of yourself in them? A little bit- Yes. Performance or- Yes, and they both told me, Fantasia and Ledisi, and I take them as my daughters any day, and they sing their faces off. You know, Fantasia kicks her shoes off too. Does she really? Yes girl, she kicks them off before the show starts. I say baby girl, wait until Lisa's seventh sung. She comes out there, and singing her face off, and here comes the pump. She's like no, we gotta do this now. Girl, do it later. I'm gonna have to do this now. You gotta let the people see the shoes, because if they're fierce I wanna keep them on for the whole show, if I can. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Fantasia Barrino is the latest celeb to rock a platinum blonde pixie and we’re all the way here for it.  The American Idol alum and chart-topping singer recently debuted the cut and color on Instagram with no caption, as the picture is already worth a thousand words.  

As of late, the singer has also been on her grind in the gym, chronicling an ongoing fitness journey on social media. What better way to celebrate such an incredible feat than with a fabulous new hairstyle?

In an interview with PEOPLE, Fantasia opened up about the pressures of perfection in the entertainment industry, saying “In the industry I am in, you have the pressure of perfection — and I definitely gained a few pounds.”  

The married mother of two, who just celebrated her 33rd birthday on June 30th, has also been busy in the studio, sharing photos of her in the booth working on her forthcoming album, Rock Soul.  

Hopefully Fantasia will soon debut new music with her new ‘do. Either way, we can’t to see more of her blonde cut! 

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