When you have low porosity hair, finding products that don’t simply sit on top of your curls can be a journey. My type 4 curls were so dry once, they wouldn’t even drink up a spritz of water once when my trichologist was running some tests on them. These hair shafts will open for almost nothing, which means product doesn’t get in, which leads to my hair being dry, brittle, and breaking often.

Until recently, when I finally found something that doesn’t just sit on my curls, doesn’t cause flakes, and is helping my hair stay moisturized.

Design Essentials Natural’s Almond & Avocado Overnight Recovery Treatment is a must-have if your hair typically fails to hold moisture. Usually, low porosity hair needs heat in order to open up the hair shaft, which results in me sitting under a steamer or dryer with a mask or deep conditioner. This creamy game-changing treatment needs none of that.

My thirsty curls just eat it up. I put it on at night and in the morning my hair feels soft and moisturized. It’s not greasy on dry hair which I love (note: it will feel greasy when applied to wet hair), and it smells like something I want near my face all day—which is important in a hair product.

For me the most important part is that it gets into my hair so there’s no product dust all over the pillow when I wake up (product dust: looks like dandruff but it’s really just product build-up that eventually dried and fell off). And because my hair is finally getting the moisture it needs, it looks and feels healthier.

I know that it’s not a leave-in conditioner or curl cream and I can’t use it as a substitute for those much-needed products. But now that I’ve had so much success for the past few weeks with the Overnight Recovery Treatment, I’m excited to use other products in this new line to see if I’ve landed on a bounty of solutions for the low porosity girls’ hair woes.

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