How to Rock Gold Leaf In Your Hair Without Going Overboard

You're one pair of tweezers and a sheet of shiny paper away from summer hair goals. 

There’s no shortage of hair inspiration on YouTube and Instagram, but replicating the cool styles we see is easier said than done. And working professionals with textured hair face the even bigger challenge of finding a look that won’t be considered “inappropriate” for the corporate world.

Who says you have to sacrifice creativity and spunk to fit in? Better yet: who says you need to fit in at all?! We’ve created a set of work-to-play hairstyles for women who want to look polished without falling into a hair rut or losing time.

If glitter roots look a little too messy for your work-to-play style, gold leaf is a little more down to earth, but just as glamourous. Consider this five step how-to your next arts and crafts project. 

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Step 1: Start with freshly shampooed hair. 

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Step 2: Create a part down the center of the head, from the forehead to crown. You can purchase affordable gold leaf at the number of places, from your local art supply store to discount chains like Walmart and of course--Amazon

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Step 3: After cutting foil into pea-sized pieces, use a pair of small tweezers to place one at a time on top of the part. (Optional: clip away hair on either side to prevent outside strands from getting caught in the part.)

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Step 4: Continue to place down the center of the part, leaving even space between each gold foil. 

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Step 5: Secure the foils by spraying hairspray on top of them. You can also add definition to your curls by creating additional tendrils with a curling iron. 

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Once you've grown comfortable with using gold leaf, experiment with more intricate looks. Need inspiration? Look no further than the red carpet where our favorite celebs are constantly upping the ante with their accessorized styles.