Another story has gone viral about a young Black girl being bullied for her hair. Toshia Shaw took to Twitter to share an image and the story of her 11-year-old daughter who was teased by classmates because of the way she wore her hair. Rocking locs and Bantu knots, Shaw said her daughter came home from school telling her about the incident, though instead of tears she remained proud. Being teased by boys at her predominately white school, Shaw’s daughter said she stood up to the boys, saying she refused to let those kids make her feel bad about her culture. The post quickly went viral, with users from across the country commenting on the thread about her daughter’s beauty and how sisterhood is so important at a time like this. Between this and a story about a young girl’s wig getting ripped off of her head by bullies just last week, it’s definitely time to stand up to bullying and show continued support of our young sisters.