Get Carmen Ejogo’s Black Girls Rock! Hair
Getty Images

Celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher worked his magic on Carmen Ejogo hair at the 2015 Black Girls Rock! awards show. And according to the master stylist, the look was inspired by three things—”part whimsical, part bohemian, part disco,” he says. “This look has a fresh take on modern glamour, with a hint of retro. I wanted to do a look which really captured Carmen’s beauty, but pushed her sexiness, giving her a fresh, different and cool look.” Follow Vercher’s steps to get the Selma star’s look.

Step 1. “After shampooing and conditioning, blow dry hair using Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss on wet hair first, then dry. You don’t have to blow super straight, just rough dry, directing air at roots of the hair to get maximum volume and just smooth hair line.”

Step 2. “Once hair is dry, use Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist on dry hair for shine. A little of this product goes a long way, so spray far away from hair so it’s a mist of product. Next, use a hair spray [to seal the style].”

Step 3. “Now hair is ready to be set. This a two-step process, using two different size curling irons. First size should be a one-inch iron, doing a classic marcell curl from root ends. Second iron should be very small for a tight curl, whatever size you have will work, but this curl is different. You should take very small sections and just wrap around curl iron, just as if you were doing a beach wave the pin curl and leave until you’re ready brush out. The reason for the two different curl irons and different curl patterns, is you get the foundation of a classic 40’s set, as well as the sexiness of a modern day curl.”

Step 4. “After hair has set, take pin curls out and pull out curls. Tease it a little throughout, but not too much. Next follow up with a dry texture spray to give the dry lived in texture as well as a little luster. Finish with a pomade at the hair line to settle fly aways. Finally, bring one side behind the ear, twist and pin to stay in place and on other side push the wave in on top should pop right in because of you set and pin wave into place. Finish with a little more hair spray (one with a flexible hold).”