We all know that protective styles are a great option for natural hair. The beauty lies in being able to leave hair untouched for weeks on end, and the endless amounts of time (and brainpower) saved from not having to ‘do’ your hair each day.

And while you can’t put a price on time, there’s no denying how expensive weaves and wigs can be. It’s not uncommon for human hair pieces to run several hundred dollars. Blogger Freddie Harrel wants to change this with her natural hair extension brand Big Hair No Care.

Guys, Tom and I left Geneva on the 31/05 last year, then went to Paris for a pit stop and on the 5th of June, so a year ago today, we hopped on the Eurostar and went straight from St Pancras to Brixton to sign the lease of the first @bighair_nocare pop-up! Launching the brand was totally accidental (@tom_harrel got a job offer in Geneva and I had just launched my #SheUnleashed workshops, I needed something I could set up quickly to run from there in case everything else took a toll with the distance) opening a shop even more: I just wanted an office, and where I could ship our stock from because our fulfilment partners were a total JOKE, so I visited an office but I don't know why I then asked to see their retail space and went hey, let's have a shop! It was never planned or even researched, so last summer was total chaos as a result lol, the most challenging times I've lived! But last night, 364 days later, we landed in NYC and this week we're about to open our first USA pop-up (and launching our USA website 🎉), after having done Paris in March! What a bloody year does!!!! * I've told you in another #SheUnleashed #FreddieMusings post that you need to scam yourself first, make up these internal resources you think you don't have yet and they'll come to you. This week, for every negative thought about yourself, tell yourself, I'm actually taking a bet on myself this week, and my resources and talents are unlimited 🙏🏾 then see where it takes you 😜

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The London-based Parisian blogger is on a mission to radically change the way Black women approach buying and maintaining weaves and wigs. “Black women spend way too much money on their hair when we don’t have to,” she tells ESSENCE. Harrel believes women should instead be using that money to invest or even buy property.

Big Hair No Care is Harrel’s solution to the conundrum Black women often face when it comes to styling their natural hair. The line of synthetic wigs and clip-ins come in a range of natural textures and colors and are meant to be a fool-proof solution for Black women looking to protect and have fun with their hair. 

“My line is for poor women,” she says. Because many Black women lack the skills, time, or money to experiment with weaves and wigs Harrel believes her line is for those often forgotten in the beauty world.

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In addition to making things accessible, Harrel wants to help Black women embrace their natural hair while also feeling beautiful and confident. “When I first went natural I wanted to add a little bit a length, but it was impossible to find a synthetic wig or pieces that matched my texture,” she says. Big Hair No Care’s pieces are designed to give women spanning various types and textures options. 

While Harrel has intentionally been building Big Hair No Care for the last two years in Europe, she’s now making her official stateside debut this month. “Nearly 30 percent of the traffic to our site comes from the United States, but until recently it’s been pretty tricky to get things shipped here,” she says about the U.K.-based company.

But not anymore. 

The brand has now made it easier than ever to order their products to the U.S. and is celebrating the occasion with a two-week pop-up shop at Brooklyn’s StyleBox Salon. Harrel is excited to connect with her New York City fan base and have them interact with her products IRL.

“This is only the beginning of the journey for Big Hair No Care,” she says. And of course, we can’t wait to see what the budding beauty mogul dreams up next.