Would You Shave Off Your Edges? Natural Hair Vlogger Felicia Mesadieu Did
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We’ve heard of women trying a lot of things in the name of flourishing edges. There are those who swear by Vicks Vaporub, ladies who diligently massage oils and serums to their hairline and then those who relax them. But one thing we have yet to see, is someone shaving them completely off. 

That is, until now. 

Hair and beauty vlogger Felicia Mesadieu recently posted a video to her YouTube channel where she details the struggle she’s had with her edges. Similar to many of us, she’s experienced breakage and frustration with a hairline that just won’t seem to grow despite trying a plethora of juices and berries.

However, when Felicia reveals that she decided to completely shaved them off with a razor we were completely shocked!

“Your girl went rouge and completely shaved her edges. I didn’t care, I was too through — I had enough. I had to do what I had to do because I was so sick of looking at my edges,” she says in the video. 


According to Felicia, it was the left side of her hairline that just wouldn’t seem to grow. So after taking her hair out of braids and noticing how thin and fragile her hairline, she decided to go for it. The hair expert took razor to scalp so she could have a new foundation to work with, a clean slate. 

To help her viewers be a part of the experience, Felicia demonstrates her exact process starting at the 6:20 mark in her video.  

Since initially shaving her edges, Felicia has made several follow-up videos to track her process and progress of growing back her edges. Below are her three edge regrowth videos for your viewing and growing pleasure. 

Week 1 Update: 

Week 2 Update: 

Week 3 Update: 

Have you ever thought about or even shaved off your edges to help them grow? If so, let us know! 

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