The bigger the ‘fro the harder they stare could have been the mantra for this year’s Curlfest. There was no way you could roam Randall’s Island without mouth agape on Saturday while taking in all the beautiful hair that was on display.

“My wish for every woman, and man, and little girl, and little boy here is that you feel affirmed. Our hope is that you come here and you realize that you are beautiful, you are amazing, this is who you are and you don’t have to change anything about that,” said Curlfest co-founder and marketing director Tracey Coleman. “We’re here to make sure the world knows that this is beautiful and amazing and dope and awesome as well as every other beauty out there in the world.”

Not only did the event leave us feeling good and affirmed, it was also an opportunity to rack up products from some of our favorite hair care brands so that our hair is always feeling good. And if you missed the festival you can still get your curls just as popping as the ladies’ in our hair gallery.

Curlfest goers gave ESSENCE the tea on the best products to help them get their curls and coils looking like divine crowns.