How Long Will the Fashion Industry Continue to Disrespect Black Hair? This Model Has Had Enough!
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For the last year Black women everywhere have been screaming Solange’s Don’t Touch My Hair as loudly and proudly as possible. It struck a raw, and very painful nerve for many Black women — our hair, and bodies for that matter, are often up for grabs just from their mere existence. 

While some have (finally) heeded Ms. Knowles’ advice and stopped asking to touch our hair, others have started to avoid all together. 

Just ask model Londone Myers. The Georgia native, who’s modeling resume includes Yeezy and Saint Laurent, took to her Instagram account earlier today to vent her hair frustrations. 

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In a hyperlapse video you see everyone avoiding the model while she sits backstage. “I don’t need special treatment from anyone. What I need is for hairstylists to learn how to do black hair,” she says. 

“I’m so tired of people avoiding doing my hair at shows. How dare you try to send me down the runway with a linty busted afro. We all know if you tried that on a white model you’d be #canceled. If one doesn’t stand we all fall. If it isn’t my fro it’ll probably be yours,” Londone laments. 

Can you blame her? Avoiding us is certainly not the answer to Solange’s now Black hair anthem, if anything it only makes it worse.