Teyana Taylor Partners With Extensionz For Customized Extensions
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“I had absolutely no desire to be involved with any hairlines,” says the Harlem-born recording artist, Teyana Taylor. “But there was a demand there from my friends, fans and even my family.” Responding to the requests, Taylor recently partnered with My Extensionz to create a blended line of Brazilian and Peruvian virgin hair. The end result is a collection of affordable hair (pieces range from $109.99 to $199.99) that is versatile and made of the highest quality. Here, Taylor dishes on the new collection, and shares her own hair regimen.

ESSENCE: Why is now the time for you to develop a hair extension line with Extensionz?
Taylor: Even though hair extensions are mainly used for cosmetic purposes, they can also be vital to women dealing with hair loss. I was really encouraged to create a line when I met an amazing young lady battling cancer while in Miami. She approached me and said, “I love you! I love your movies! I love you as an artist and I am so in love with your hair!” We began talking, and in the middle of our conversation, her mom told me she had cancer. I was stunned, I started crying! A couple of days later, my team coincidentally reached out to me with the My Extensionz opportunity, and I was like, “Let’s do it.”

ESSENCE: What types of hair does Taylor Textures consist of?<
Taylor: Taylor’d Textures is a It’s unique because this one texture can achieve many different looks making it completely versatile.

ESSENCE: What separates Taylor’d Textures from other hair lines? What makes it special?
Taylor: I know there are tons of great hair companies out there, but I think what makes this cool is that we wanted to ensure the curl pattern was as close as possible to my own hair. Since I’ve always been asked by people how to achieve the look, we thought it would be great to offer the custom pattern.

ESSENCE: What’s your hair journey been like?
Taylor: Though I switch up styles a lot, I still love my classic big curly hair. When I want to go really big and dramatic, I add extensions to get that full look. Extensions are very vital in this industry, between the different hands handling your hair, to various products used on it and heat, it can really take a toll on your hair.

ESSENCE: How do you keep your hair healthy?
Taylor: Hair is definitely an accessory that women love to play with. That in mind, it’s definitely important to keep your hair healthy. As part of my regimen, I use metabolism vitamins by Mane Choice to keep my hair growing and looking healthy.


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