Hairstyle File: Elise Neal Talks New Hair Extensions Collection
J. Countess

If you’ve ever oooh and aaah’d over celebs’ red carpet hairstyles, you’ll be happy to hear that several of our favorite starlets are venturing into hair care businesses. Elise Neal is one such actress who will join the likes of Vivica A. Fox, Beverly Johnson and Angela Simmons in releasing her own hair extensions collection. Neal has partnered with California Lace Wigs and Weaves to create a premium line of hair called Hollywood Belle by Elise Neal.

We caught up with the busy actress to learn more about her new hair collection which hits stores in the fall and to find out her own top-secret hair care tricks. What inspired you to launch your own hair collection?
ELISE NEAL: I’ve always been very vocal about loving different hairstyles. I know everyone has something to say about weave lines, but for a girl like me who likes to workout all the time and has to have different hairstyles every single moment, wearing a weave is the most practical thing for my hair. So I’m working with a company that I absolutely adore, California Lace Wigs and Weaves. They asked me to be their spokesperson and help create a great first product which is my own weave line. It’s all about the ombré, which is very hip and happening right now in hair design. What else can we expect from your hair collection?
NEAL: We’re debuting with the ombré wigs and we do have another idea that is going to be next, but you’ll have to wait and see! Out of all the styles you’ve worn over the years, what’s your favorite hairstyle?
NEAL: Honestly, I don’t have a favorite and that is why this is so fun for me. I love fashion and I love different hair designs. If I want to wear it short, it’s short. If I feel like rocking it long, it’s going to be long. It’s all about a mood and what you’re feeling at the time. I’m happy to bring my product to women and I’m very excited about it. I want them to know that I’m a girl who wears a weave and I will not let them feel bad about this product. You’re hairstyles are so versatile. What would you advise to someone who wanted to switch up her look?
NEAL: I would say to go with your feelings and be aware of your surroundings. I would never advise someone with a corporate job to do something too colorful or crazy. I do encourage women to have fun with their hair. Hair is supposed to be an extension of a mood and a feeling. I don’t think hair represents who you are, but you can use it as an accent. You’re very busy right now working on the sitcom A.N.T. Farm, your new show Belle’s and also the movie 1982. What’s your advice for looking great while on the go?
NEAL: My number one tip would be to wear a weave if you have a lifestyle that does not afford you the time to sit in a hair salon. In my business it’s actually easier to wear weaves and keep your life moving. I’m a person who likes to live so I don’t want my hair to be all about sitting in a salon every week. I advise any woman who has a busy schedule to rock a weave and keep your life simple, fun and fabulous!

Neal’s hair collection will be sold exclusively on the California Lace Wigs & Weaves website this fall. In honor of her new business venture, take a look at some of Neal’s juiciest hairstyles over the years!



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